Conscious Choices: Energetically Working with 12 Universal Spiritual Laws

Which Spiritual Law is in effect when you’re experiencing big life changes?

How can you navigate karmic relationships and karmic patterns effectively?

What Spiritual Law do you need to practice when you feel emotional intensity arise?

Do you know the single most important term to apply with the Law of Attraction?

What are the spiritual significances of sleeping, procrastination, digestion, and your financial status?

How can there be a Law of Abundance when our world has extreme poverty and lack?


Get ready for clarity, insights, and exciting developments in your life as all of these questions – and many, many more – are addressed in this new MEGA Mastery Course!


Universal Spiritual Laws are available to every single person on the planet, but less than 1% of the population is aware of their existence.


Most people have no idea that their innate power is in consciously working with their own energy.


Everything is energy.


As you understand more about the different energies that exist all around you, you begin to change your life, improve your manifestation abilities, experience new levels of success, end karmic patterns, reduce frustration and limiting belief systems, and open up to more happiness, joy, and peace.


You become more conscious and more powerful.


For reals.


“Hands down, the best information I’ve ever seen about the Universal Spiritual Laws.”

~ Gary T.



Are you ready to own all of your energetic power?


The world needs more Energy Masters right now!

You'll tap into conscious choices you can apply in the Real World, and elevate your energy to higher states of peace, abundance, bliss, and success with practical steps and actions that lead to real results.

This MEGA Mastery Course features 12 audio recordings, 12 guidebooks, and 46 exercises so you can be a true Master of energy in your life. You can learn one Law a week, or move through them faster at your own pace.

The Universal Spiritual Laws in this course include:

~ The Law of Divine Oneness
~ The Law of Energy
~ The Law of Vibration
~ The Law of Attraction
~ The Law of Abundance
~ The Law of Compensation

Plus, you'll learn six more Universal Spiritual Laws so you can consciously and intentionally understand the fullness of your power.

"I knew about the Law of Attraction, but I still learned more in this Course (about that Law) that made it quite simple. Today I have better knowledge to change areas of my life where I am ready to experience more joy and flow. Thank you, Molly!"  ~ Mike L.


For every Law, you'll learn:

  • What The Law Means
  • What It Looks Like In the Real World
  • Intuitive Messages From Spirit
  • Astrological Connections
  • How To Put The Esoteric Into Action With Worksheets & Exercises To Practice The Law


"Finally!!! It has been hard filling in the blanks on my own, and I appreciate how the information is presented in an easy, practical way. I love astrology, so that section was one of my favorites. I felt goose bumps a few times while reading the intuitive messages. My spiritual guidance directed me to this course and I am glad I listened." ~ Carol Miller

"I keep signing in to this course to re-read favorite sections and listen to more information on my lunch break. The Law of Vibration is helping me move through a career crisis right now. Things have been tough the past few years, but this mastery course is helping me remain trusting and to remember to feel powerful about myself. Thank you, thank you!" ~ Sara Gyer


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